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How it Works?

The solar farms you see driving around are public projects. Simply opting in to receive the energy produced by the project will get you a discounted cost on your electricity.

You will not change your electric utility company as the powerlines that are powering your house are the same powerlines we are connecting our fields to!

Moving forward the solar farm will send you a statment for electricity at a guaranteed savings every single month! No investment, installation, or hassle as the enrollment takes 5 minutes. You're 5 minutes away from becoming a sustainable household and saving money every single month!

Recieve a $50 bonus for joining with Royalty today!


Solar Field
Produces Energy

Energy Flows
Into Our Grid

Credits Lower
Electric Bill

Discounted Community Solar Bill

Our solar field will generate energy on your behalf.

The energy is put directly into the same grid you are currently connected to.

All the energy the solar field has produced for you will be applied to your electric bill as a credit which reduces what you owe to the utility.

Based on the amount the credit has reduced your electric bill, you will be billed at a 5% fixed savings from the solar field!

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