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Who is Royalty Renewables?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Royalty Renewables is an energy brokerage that helps the local community opt into community solar (or shared solar) projects across the United States. Our mission statement is simple "Leave everything better off than we've found it!"

The Mission

When talking on our mission we often refer to the three P's. Our people, our planet, and your pocketbooks. By continually keeping those factors in mind our decisions for where to head moving forward directly benefit everyone involved. That is where community solar has played a major role within our business.

It combines each and every aspect in order to create a cleaner brighter future for us all. Regardless of your situation there is an option to get involved with renewable energy and to save each and every month on the rising energy bills.

Our Core Values (SOLAR)

Self-improvement. We firmly believe that everyone within our organization should be striving to be better each and every day. A phrase often used is 1% better. By being 1% better every day, that means the impact we can have on our community and our planet will be 37 times greater year after year.

Open communication. We create an open dialogue with not only our people, but with our customers as well. In order to maintain a lasting relationship, it is crucial for everyone to be able to express their opinions openly. We encourage every customer to reach out anytime they need anything, and every employee to touch base with any concerns!

Leadership. We create leaders each and every day. By joining a renewable program you're helping lead our community towards a sustainable future.

Accountability. Each and every Royalty representative takes responsibility for their actions. We do not accept excuses no matter the situation. This has created a solution-oriented culture to tackling challenges that arise throughout our journey!

Royalty. Every single person who comes in contact with us is treated as Royalty. New rep, manager, long term customer, or new customer. Everyone deserves to be treated with the upmost respect, and we strive to provide this level of service to as many as humanly possible!

What We've Accomplished So Far

- We save our customers a combined total of well over $10,000 every month

- Over 1,000 homes and businesses involved in creating a cleaner future

- 16.2 million pounds of carbon emissions prevented each month

- Able to help customers join the movement in three separate states

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