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Why Community Solar is Beneficial

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the dangers of fossil fuels, more people are turning to renewable sources like solar power. Read on to learn about the benefits of clean energy and community solar!

Clean energy is an important part of our future. It helps us reduce pollution, save money, and create local jobs. A major contributor to the clean energy initiative is solar farms that most have seen popping up across their states. There's a reason these are so popular AND you can even take advantage of these projects yourself!

Solar power is free.

One of the biggest advantages of using solar power is that it’s completely free. There are no fuel costs, no maintenance costs, and no emissions. In fact, solar power is one of the most cost-effective forms of energy available today.

On top of that, solar farms require no investment from the customer in order to receive the energy and save money. It works very similar to rooftop solar by offsetting your energy consumption, but it doesn't need to be installed on your property.

Solar power is a dispersed supply

Solar is an amazing alternative as it is dispersed throughout the grid. Rather than relying on one single power source, we have multiple points of production. A great example of this working was during hurricane Ian in Babcock Ranch, Florida.

This community has a solar field that produces enough power for over 30,000 homes. Throughout the entire hurricane the community didn't lose power for even a second.

Solar keeps energy jobs local

Fossil fuel energy is not found in all 50 states. This creates outsourcing of energy for many states and sometimes the outsourcing goes out of the country. Solar energy is local to each states grid and is a sustainable source of energy regardless of the climate.

From Minnesota to Texas, solar fields are a phenomenal supplement to our current energy needs!

To sum it up

There is a ton of benefits to transition to clean energy and many more forms than just community solar. What we've found at Royalty Renewables is that community solar is the easiest and most streamlined way to transition over without the hassle of installations!

If you're curios on getting more information on projects in your area, feel free to connect with our experts!

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